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  • Tuning Up the Interface for Sniffing

  • Application Security – Missed Plots Redefined – BSIMM

    How often we develop poorly but try to secure the application at the perimeter level? Is this even possible? Regardless of the whatever the methodologies being applied for SDLC; there are certain things the team must focus on enforcing the cyber security. Whether you are on Agile, Waterfall or CICD; these “things” must not e […]

  • Network Technologies and Tools

    Install and configure network components, both hardware and software-based, to support organizational security. Firewall / UTM NIDS / NIPS VPN Concentrator Firewalls Isolate one network from another A network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules […]

  • Network Components

    Install and configure network components,both hardware and software-based, to support organizational security Router Switch Bridge Proxy Load Balancer Firewall NIDS / NIPS VPN Concentrator Wireless Access Points SIEM DLP NAC SSL / TLS accelerators Mail / Media Gateway Hardware Security Models Router Connects computer networks Operate at Layer 3 (Network Layer) Stores information about network […]

  • What is a Network?

    A network is a way to get ”stuff” between 2 or more “things” Goal: Basic understanding of common modern networking technology and terminology Examples: Analog: ’Snail’ Mail, phone system, conversations, railroad system, highways and roads. Digital: Routers & switches, clients & servers Applications: Email/Messaging, Database, Web Protocol Concepts Protocols are sets of rules. What do […]

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