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When Reports become Snapshots, I had started to engineer softwares.

Web/Cloud Application Development

A business/organization requires a software for it's survival and growth. From day to day routine works to critical decision making a software can support a business in various aspects. Example if you are engaged in a Mining Business on multiple sites; software covers business functions like mining & loading, supplying to orders on projects, lorry expenses and driver payments, fuel management, daily bills, daily profit, monthly earnings, and also customized reports for supporting efficient decision makings.

Why Custom Built?

Why Custom Built?

Everyones or every business's techniques are differ from one another because ideas are unique. But proper policies and procedures on day to day activities helps to build a top notch software to achieve standards and focus on more businesses. When foundation is laid correctly the building can stay tall and robust. Simply you cannot build your design on someone else's blueprint!

Information At Fingertips

Information At Fingertips

Thanks to powerful mobile devices and speedy internet connections. Technology is there to be used! Your web application is built mobile friendly and it can provide the required information wherever you are & whenever you want. PDF report generation on the go.Your business can be online and available. Think big the globe has become village long ago!

Say Bye to Language Barrier

Say Bye to Language Barrier

English? Sinhala? Tamil? French? Bonjour! Your business software can run in any languages preferred, with little configuration. Also each employee can go for their own possible language. With Internationalization and Localization you can bring forward the business into the global level by customizing currency, date and number formats.

How Secured?

How Secured?

Security is most vital when it is comes to your privacy and sensitive information. Specially when your data are online those needs to protect from hackers and cyber attacks. I put more effort on this area. I apply up to date hardening best practices (Eg.OWASP Top Ten Frauds)and stealth guards to the project being developed. However continuous maintenance is inevitable to be protected from future/new attacks.

Not Developed but Engineered

Not Developed but Engineered

After the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) we can choose the best Software Developing and Integrating Method that suite for your business. You are involved in day to day development of the system. From initiation agreement to deployment methods all are well documented systematically for continuous maintenance of the solution being applied.

Other Features

Other Features

Every activity performed by end user can be logged, Employee Levels for Authentication and Authorization, Search as Type in, Digital Dashboard for every day reporting to see accumulated numbers in a snapshot, Enforcing business integrity, and Maintenance-focused development for accommodate future changes.

How We Work?

How We Work?

Coding is my passion, I do it for satisfy my clients.

All the modules are developed with extra care, with security focus.

 I would create something as it for me to use. I  love to produce ECO FRIENDLY systems thus keen on resource usages. I used to work on one project at a time. Mostly go with Agile methodology as its' base-lined on user satisfaction and prioritizing important modules first. I never skip on documentation. System Analysis, Designing, Coding, Testing, Deployment all are well documented .

Development Procedures

  1. Incoming enquiry
  2. Appointment and Meeting(Online or Directly)
  3. BIBA(Business  Impact and Business Analysis)
  4. SOP (Statement Of Purpose with Quotation)
  5. Non Disclosure and Terms of Engagement Aggreements
  6. Advance Payment(30% of the quoted amount)
  7. System Designing Occurs along with your involvement.
  8. Finalizing Graphical User Interface and Components.
  9. 2nd Payment - 30%
  10. System Coding and Testing
  11. Your Validation and Verification
  12. Balance 40% payment
  13. System Deployment and Evolution.

System Modification and Maintenance

  1. Change Request
  2. SOP with Quotation
  3. 50% Payment
  4. Applying Modification
  5. System Validation and Verification
  6. Balance 50% Payment
How We Work?


Softwares those ready to evolve. These solutions are provided for legislated and registered businesses with local state authority.

Mining Management System

Mining Management System


Mining & loading, supplying to orders on projects, lorry expenses and driver payments, fuel management, daily bills, daily profit, monthly earnings, and also customized reports for supporting efficient decision makings. Click below link for the FREE DEMO.

Money Transfer System

Money Transfer System


Are you interested or involved in a business like Western Union? MTS is being developed for legislated and registered businesses around the globe. Money transferring is being made simple yet powerful with MTS. You can try this DEMO MTS and evolve further.

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I love when a friend saying my bad to my face, and good away from my concern.

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Knowledge is Experience, power though.

Acquiring knowledge of a technology is totally depend on the project. The learning curve can be reduced in plenty of ways nowadays. Thousands of technologies and techniques out there. Whatever the innovative technlogies being applied; when we do the fundamentals corrrectly the rest will fall into places.

Main factors to focus when combining technologies are,

  • Available & Accessible
  • Continuous Evolution
  • Large Online Support
  • Open Source
  • Production Efficiency
  • Ease of Maintainability
  • Annual Running Cost
  • Backing up and Recovery
  • Light weight yet High performance

Synergy being triggered with the combination of these technologies are superior, supportive and suggested not only for large enterprises but also for Small and Medium businesses!.









Cyber Security






Module | Entity | Class | Object Development Cycle

Strive to provide the best out of me on each and every function within the project! Modules are carefully analyzed with high cohesion and low coupling for efficient development, testing and modification. Even though here it is not every steps are reached 100%, the end product will fit your needs perfectly! Mind that a well engineered project takes less maintenance.

Analysis and Design
Coding and Testing
Delivering and Training
Maintenance and Evolution