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  • Cyber Technologies and Tools

    A Cyber Security Professional must posses following skills to master the field. Each skills can be acquired over the time with proper working experience and training. Firm motive, integrity in attitude, trustworthy actions, highly patient and continual learning are stream line the cyber career. Install and configure network components, both hardware and software-based, to support […]

  • Vulnerability Scanning Concept

    Process Passively test security controls – Does not exploit a vulnerability. Identify vulnerability / System Flaw / Un-patched Code Identify lack of security controls Identify common mis-configurations by reviewing policies, rule set and system settings. Types Intrusive vs. non-intrusive: See passive vs. active reconnaissance Intrusive: Directly engaging on the target system to identify weaknesses that […]

  • Penetration Testing Concepts

    Will discuss Penetration Testing vs Vulnerability Scanning vs Risk Assessment Active reconnaissance Passive reconnaissance Pivot Initial exploitation Persistence Escalation of privilege Black box White box Gray box Penetration Testing A penetration test, or a pen test, is an authorized, simulated attack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system by actively […]

  • Types of Threat Actors

    Explain threat actor type and attributes. Types of actors Script kiddies Hacktivist Organized crime Nation states/APT Insiders Competitors Attributes of actors Internal/external Level of sophistication Resources/funding Intent/motivation And will see hot use Use of Open-Source Intelligence Threat/Threat Actor A potential occurrence that can result in an undesirable outcome. A person or thing likely to cause […]

  • Network and Wireless Attacks

    Click-jacking: tricking a web user into clicking a spoofed button or graphic. Session hijacking (Cookie hijacking): exploiting a valid computer session, or session key, to gain unauthorized access to information or services. URL hijacking / Typo squatting: the act of registering domains that are similar to those for a known entity but based on a […]

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